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10 Avenue with Juarez Avenue 

Cozumel, Quintana Roo 94158

Tel. 987-878-8602

Monday - Sunday: 09.00 - 19.00


 For rental requests or inquires please use this box below. 

We will respond to your request with availability and further details

about our rentals. 

USA  +52 987 878-8602         MX 987 878-8602

When making a reservation request, some things we need to know! 

What bike models are you interested in? (Roll, Crossroads, Expedition or Beach Cruisers)

What are your Heights ?  


*Specialized  bike rentals require a credit card imprint and photo ID at time of rental pickup that we hold as a deposit until you return your rentals.

We make it simple for you. No prior deposit required when you make your reservation. If your plans change, we do not charge you! We ask, please advise asap if your plans with us change.

We will contact you soon. Thank you!

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