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    Remember when renting a bike in Cozumel

If it does not have a "licence plate" it is not legal!

All our bikes are plated and government licensed!

      = same day return.

$1.70 Hour or $8.50 Day

 Never pay more than

5 hours for all day long!

   $11 for 24 Hours.

 $8.50 each day for 3 or 

 more 24 hr days.

 Beach Cruisers  Are "Non-Specialized"


Snorkel Equipment also available for rent

prices include taxes, helmets and locks




      = same day return

      $20 for 24 Hours.

   $15 each day for 3 or

 more 24 hr days.

    $3 Hour or $15 Day

 Never pay more than

5 hours for all day long!

Prices include:



and Locks

Puncture Resistant Tires

Our Specialized bike tires are equipped with "SLIME"  for your safety while biking out of town!




Child Bikes

Kid Bikes

Free Infant Seats


   We will pay your return taxi fare to us and back!!!

Cruising to Cozumel and want to rent a bike? We make it easy.

We will pay your return taxi fare to our location and back to your ship from the

(RCCL) TMM International or (Carnival) Puerta Maya Pier.

  Just reserve two of our "Specialized" brand bikes with us prior to your arrival and we will                 pay your taxi fare both ways.     Details

"Book early as our quality bikes are in high demand." 


Hotel / Resort Bicycle Rentals

We will pay your return taxi fare to us and back!!!

Click here for Details

Bike Paths

Cozumel has a unique quality to it, a flat paved bike path that circles the island. On your journey you can easily explore the local shops and restaurants of San Miguel or the ocean shoreline with miles of white sand beaches and fish infested “Iron Shores”. Stop at authentic Mayan Ruins for a visit into the islands historic past. Why not spend the afternoon at Punta Sur, Cozumel’s national park with crocodiles and other exotic island wildlife. And don’t forget to wander over to the “Wild Side” of the island and watch in awe at the powerful ocean surf where the loggerhead turtle come every year in thousands to lay their eggs. Yes you will have time to stop and rest in hammocks and refresh yourself at the multiple beachside establishments during your journey in a cyclists paradise……  

And so it all began!

This island was easy to fall in love with, the beaches, the culture and the abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy. And that is exactly what I did! I kept finding myself always a stones throw away from the ocean, always inviting me to jump in and explore its endless beauty and visit its colorful inhabitants.


And the best way to explore the Island I found was on a bicycle. As the island is flat I was easily able to navigate anywhere my heart desired with little or no effort on a good bicycle. It was exciting to discover the secret shorelines hidden along the islands paved bike paths and enjoy its warm blue waters.


However with that said, I found it surprisingly impossible to find a decent and reasonably priced bicycle on this island, "and so it all began!" But we did not just want decent bicycles, we also wanted to have the “Best Bikes” available for you and that’s exactly what we have to offer. The brand of “Specialized” bicycles is unsurpassed by any other on this island. We receive nothing but smiles and praise from returning explorers and are confident you also will love your journey on our new bicycles!


And that folks is what makes us happy!

We are located straight across from the Cozumel 

ferry pier on 10th Ave.


Just walk straight ahead from the pier and turn left at St.Michaels Church.

Or only a 5 minute walk from the Punta Langosta cruise ship terminal. 


10 Ave North, #14 entry and 2nd Ave. 

Across from the "Hostelito"


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#14 - 10 Avenue with

Juarez Avenue, calle 2 norte.

CP 77600 Cozumel, Quintana Roo
Tel. 987-878-8602

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